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Hello! My name is Andreia Carqueija

I'm a freelance graphic and UI designer

in love with:

I am wherever my dreams take me

I would like to tell you my story in the 3rd person

Baby Andreia shouted to the world

She grew up as a happy little girl

fell in love with graphics

Graduated from Lisbon Fine Arts School

and she's now a Designer

Other courses:

Started teachind Multimedia Classes in High and Professional Schools

She teaches

Co-Founded Combustão Design and Lovemetender

she went mac, she never went back

Got married for life with João and Maria

she found super cuteness!

Senior Designer Consultant

Clients and Partners:

My super Skills

The history of a girl's brain

My Brain

Speaking of love

Introducing my new friend, my work - my work, my new friend

  • Body Clock: What makes you tick?
  • Primary school league tables: Best results
  • Typhoon Haiyan - Tour a street devastated by the storm
  • Scotland in numbers data visualization
  • The National Gallery
  • PH Lisbon Hostel
  • WPG Uitgevers
  • Yellow Pages
  • WiFi PT Mobile
  • ITDM mCommerce
  • PTPrime Mobilidade
  • Meo Wetransfer
  • Histórias Volvo
  • Love Me Tender
  • Combustão Design
  • Sintra Misty Fest
  • Casa dos Sonhos Hotel

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